My Connections to Play

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I love this first quote because I feel that I am very lucky I did not grow up in a time when technology played such a huge role in my childhood.  I wish that more children could apply this quote to their own life.

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This quote I feel does represent my childhood.  I was always playing.  Spent most days outside exploring nature, I feel fortunate that I did not have many toys and had to be creative about the ways that I did play.  I love the picture as well.  When I was growing up we had a huge backyard.  In the winter after it would snow I felt as if I lived in a winter wonderland, and would sped hours outside.

Essential play items:

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One of my favorite play items growing up was play dough!  I loved to make anything and everything out of play dough.  Even today when the children are using play dough I will sit down and join in their play.  Barbie’s were also one of my favorite toys.  I could play all day with them.  I was very into fantasy play, and loved to see what kind of adventures my Barbie’s could have.  And last but not least my yellow banana set Schwinn bike.  This was my mode of transportation.  I loved this bike and the freedom it allowed me.

How my play was supported:

When thinking about how people support my play when I was growing up, I can sum it up in a few words…’go out and play”.  I do not remember having too many toys, but I do remember I loved my Barbie dolls.  But with that being said I think anytime I was playing inside it was either because of the weather, or because it was night time.  Even at my grandma’s house we would play outside most of the day.  Many days I would be gone from morning till it was time to eat dinner.  I know that the world was a much different place then, but it seemed like I was always going somewhere with friends, going to parks, or just exploring.  I am glad that I grew up in the time that I did, even with my own children I always encouraged them to get out of the house and play.  We used to go camping a lot when they were little, so they did a great deal of exploring as well.

Play then and now:

Today I think that play is so much different for children.   For one, I do not think that any parent would feel comfortable with their children learning in the morning and coming back at night.  Even with my own children, I was more comfortable knowing where they were at.  I also think that children have too much access to technology, which seems to cut down the amount of time children are playing.  I remember many evenings while growing up I would be outside with the neighborhood kids playing games like kick the can…does that happen anymore?

Regarding the role of play:

For myself personally I hope that I never grow too old to play.  I actually think that playing with children all day helps to keep my young.  When I think back I feel very lucky about the fact that I was able to explore and learn about the world around me first hand by exploring and playing.  I feel that it has taught me how to appreciate life, and how to have a certain respect for nature and life.  Growing up I enjoyed many different types of play that also changed as I grew.  In my early teens I enjoyed playing board games with friends, and still do to this day.  One interesting fact that occurred to me while writing this post is the fact that I feel even as a child I had great social skills.  Maybe this is something that I can contribute to my play.  I had to figure out pretty early on how to make and maintain friendships.