Daily Supports

There are many different factors within my environment that support me in my daily life.  These supports can be found in the means of practical, emotional, and physical support.  Regardless of our abilities and strengths we all depend on different types of support that help us navigate our daily lives.   I think that this week this was a huge lesson for me.  EVERYONE has their own unique set of abilities as well as weaknesses.  Many times, I would not even consider myself disabled, but yet I am.  As a person who relies on routine and structure I would say that my daily planner is a huge support in my life. 

Like most people who have a busy life, my planner helps me to keep my life organized.  I can use it to help me know when assignments are due, what I will be eating for dinner on any night, and even organize birthdays and holidays.  I also keep many lists in my planner.  I make grocery lists, cleaning lists, daily to do list and project lists.  And I am a huge fan of post it notes.  At any given time you can find post it notes in many places around my house, attached to my purse, or near my planner.  All of these practical supports help to keep me organized, without them I feel that my life may be more unstructured and I would probably forget everything I need to get done on any given day. 

As far as supports go I think that area that most of us can relate to are the personal and emotional supports that we have in our life.  Many of us do have a support system build.  My boyfriend Ken is the base of my emotional support.  He is always there for me, supports me in any way that he can and always listens to me when I need him.  I do also have some close friends that help with emotional support as well.  I feel that while Ken is my biggest support, I do need to reach out to others.  I also have a 12 step group that I use for emotional support and for healing my past.  Without these supports I believe that I would feel very alone and lost.  Thinking of life without Ken would be lonely as well. 

As mentioned before I do have a disability, vison loss.  Today I rely on the use of glasses to help me read, write and function.  Without my glasses I would be lost.  I would not be able to read the books that I love, or enjoy the crafts that I like to do.  My love for cooking would be diminished because I would not be able to read recipes.  I would not be able to do my job because   I would not be able to write, design lesson plans, or do observations.

Overall I know that all the supports I have in my life, help me tremendously throughout my day.   And while some of the supports I have could be taken away. Like the particle supports, without some supports my life would be impacted in such a way where I may no longer be productive.  While I was writing this post a thought came to me.  If you were to take away all my supports, I would feel disorganized, lost, empty, alone, and helpless.  Thinking of this make me think of the families I serve and the support that I offer them. 

So what would happen if I were to lose the use of my legs?  This thought can into my mind today while I was thinking about everything that I need to do in a day that I need to have the use of my legs.  I would have to have the use of a wheel chair, and many adaptations made to not only my home, but also my work place.  I would hope that I would still have the support of loved ones, not only would I need more support in the means of emotional support, but I would also need help with physical chores and daily routines.  I may not be able to drive, or even get in and out of bed.  I believe that financially I would need help, I am sure that my significant other would help with, but I am sure that I would need more assistance.  With the emotional support given to me by my family I would also need more physical help.  I think that it would be hard to live without all the support that I get from Ken and my family.  I hate to think about it, but if I did not have the supports in my life and something tragic like the loss of the use of my legs would happen, I would feel alone, depressed, and it could have a very negative outcome in my life.