When I Think of Research……


When I think of research, first I am reminded about how important of a role it plays in my day to day life in my work with children.  This class has taught me that there is so much that happens before I read an article about the latest research in child development. 

I would like to take this chance to say thank you to all of those who have gone before us, and do the research that is so important to this field.  I have a new respect for those who do their best to provide us with information that we can use to help us be better teachers and understand children better.  This class has taught me how hard a researcher’s job is, and how much goes into the planning and preparing before the research even starts. 

This class has taught me how much consideration must go into the planning stage alone.  Not only coming up with a research question but also considering what type of research to do, how to research, and how you will verify your research.  And these are only a few different consideration’s that need to be considered.  Time also needs to be considered as well as making connections for your subjects. 

This class has helped me understand that basics of the different types of research, and has helped me get a better understanding of how to read research and how to use it better.  I feel that in our project it was only a small look into the real world of research, once again, I have to give researchers their due praise.

Before this class, I would have not thought about the researcher being part of the early childhood field, but now I realize that they do play a huge role in this field.  I would say that I understood the importance of what they do and how their work impacts ours, but now I see them as a part of the field and not outside the field.

I have enjoyed this class and have learned so much.  I am glad that I could learn and grow in my perspective of research, I look forward to my next class in 2017.  Thanks, everyone & Happy New Year!