Moving On

It is that time once again as we draw to the end of another class.  I just wanted to thank everyone for all their support as well as sharing.  I feel that many times we tend to put our hearts into our work and it really does show!  I am so thankful for being able to read your thoughts, feelings and ideas.  This has been a wonderful experience.  While some of you I have known since I started this journey, I am also thankful for the fresh faces and names.  I have three classes left, and as the end draws near I wonder what will happen and how my life will change.  This is not over yet, and I am excited to move on to the next step!!  Thanks, Everyone!!

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Saying Goodbye


A couple years ago I was involved with a committee that held a convention every year in our state.  I had been on the board for over 5 years.  And I was also a member of the executive committee.  I enjoyed being a part of this group, and it was a lot of challenging work, a lot of frustration at times, but it was also very rewarding and hard to say goodbye when I left the board.


Every year the convention was help in October, right after the convention ended on Sunday we would take time to do what is referred to as the adjourning phrase.   We would meet and give each other Kudos and just take a few minutes to reflect on how things went.  We did not get into details it was more of a celebration that we did an excellent job.


Then we would meet again in December to go over more details of what could be improved on, and, we talked about how the convention did that year.   Then we would meet in January to elect new people on the board, and that is when I left.  While I knew, it was coming it was so very hard.  It is almost as if one stage of your life is ending and a new one is beginning.  At the end of every meeting we do a group hug and say the serenity prayer, this is when I lost it. 


I am not too sure what will happen when we graduate.  Is there some type of ritual we will have?  I am unsure…but it will be interesting to find out.  I know that I have been in school for the last two years doing my BA then this program…. I know that I will have to readjust to life without school. 


Conflict Resolution


This week as I was preparing for my blog, I thought about a situation that I was in about a year ago.  The job I have currently is the position that I started about five years ago.  Two years ago, I decided that I needed to take a little break from being a lead teacher, so I went to go work with a friend of mine in the preschool room.  While we got along swimmingly, working together was not the best idea.  To say the least we both had very different communication skills, and very diverse ways of communicating.

Taking responsibility for my own actions I would have to say that I became a great escapist.  Because I knew that conflict with her would usually not end in a terrific way I would do anything possible not to engage in any conflict at all.  As a result, I was not very happy, felt unappreciated, and would walk on eggshells around her all the time.

So what have I learned that could help me today if I were still in this situation (I went back to lead teaching almost a year ago)? 

First, I would ask more questions.  I would try harder to work together as a team, and try to find compromise in situations that were difficult to solve.  I feel that by asking questions I could get a better understanding of her perspective without if I know what is going on.

But what also goes hand in hand with this is what we learned from last week.  Because In this situation I became such a great escape artist, I would need to have my feelings identified, and my wants.  By taking a NVC I could tell her how I feel and what I needed in the situation instead of not having my own goals or needs expressed.  I know that this is something that I do struggle with, and I know that it has its root from how I grew up.  Defiantly something for me to work on!!