Start Seeing Diversity

Over the next few weeks, my blog will be centered around the Video “Start Seeing Diversity”.  This video, shows ways in which educators can promote anti-bias curriculum in their classrooms, as well as how us adults working with children can transform our teaching.

For this blog, the two topics of discussion are gender and sexual orientation.  Both topics have been what I would consider almost “taboo” for many years.  Many books, toys, and movies are still very gender oriented, as well the attitudes that parents have about how their children play.  As I prepared for this assignment this week, I looked around the center that I work at, and I noticed a few things.  The first thing is that the dress up clothes in most housekeeping areas were very girl specific.  The choices were dresses, purses, and hats.  The next thing that I noticed is that most of the girls were playing in areas such as housekeeping and boys were playing more in areas like the block area. 

I do feel that over the years I have had many parents express that they do not want their boys playing with dolls, nor do they want them dressing up in dresses.  The way that they acted I felt as if they thought their children would be gay just because of the choices that they were making during free play.  About a year ago, I found a picture on Facebook of a little boy playing with a doll, and the caption said something to the effect of “practicing being a good daddy”.  I really wanted to make copies of this and hand them out to all the parents.  Unfortunately, the other downside is usually when children are discouraged by their parents to play with certain toys, they won’t choose those toys again.  The two questions that I feel the video raised this week are; 1. Do we rate girls more on their appearance and boys more on their performance, and 2, Is it stereotype or truth?

The center where I work does have a family with two moms.  When they started coming to the center, a parent was very upset because they saw a family picture hanging on the wall with the two moms.  She was concerned that her child would be exposed to something that went against her morals and values.  This was a wonderful opportunity for our center to take a stand, and show that we support all families.  Basically, it became our stand that all families are welcome, and that we will make sure that all families are represented in our classrooms.  Today as I look around the center I see many items that represent this.  We have books, posters, and photos that show diversity among families.  I have also heard conversations that the teachers have had with the children about family diversity. 

I think that it is important for us to help educate parents on why an anti-bias approach is so important and how we are not only trying to protect the children in our work place, but also make this a world for all children to be accepted.  As the video pointed out this week we need to help all children gain good identity, and help them to acknowledge that there are differences. 



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