Creating Art


This week we were asked to create a piece of art that shows what we have learned during the last seven weeks.  What I thought about was how we can have positive influences on children like ; love, information, and responsive relationships, that help children build this wall of resilience, empathy, positive self identity , etc… The positive factors then in turn protect children from all the negative influences, or life situations that may have an impact on their development or how they see others.



7 thoughts on “Creating Art

  1. Hi Cindy,

    I am also a women that likes to explain herself through words. I see many of the words you have used in your piece of art work is similar as to how I have viewed the past seven weeks of learning. I noticed you had the word ‘resilience’ too in your art work and this past week I have especially thought more about this topic, and learned how important it is for us as educators to help children become resilient, so often we forget that children go home to what may be an unhappy place, a place that could be traumatising and just terrible. If you were to teach children about resilience, how would you go about it? I believe we should build the topic of trauma and resilience into our curriculums, as in today’s world children need to be taught these life skills of how to bounce back from adversity.


  2. Hi Cynthia,

    Greta creativity and colleague. I love you place the children of different culture in the middle and placed positive and powerful around the image. this was unique and very thoughtful. i also was aware how some words was smalls and some was big, like stereotype is something that is major for children. This was a very unique poem Cynthia.


  3. Veryl Hines
    Reply to Cindy47 Blog Group 1

    Hi, Cindy
    I have heard the phrase, “A picture speaks a thousand words”, and this is true for your post. Your picture represents every aspect of diversity and challenges children endure during childhood. Throughout their development, children face hate, traumas, stereotype, prejudice, family separation, other adversities as they grow up.
    When I first read the assignment for this week, I thought about the importance of art to a child’s curriculum. According to (Jackman, 2009), art contributes to physical, cognitive, social, emotional, perceptual, and language development of a child. Art also is a visual communication that allows someone to express their feelings and their perception abilities.


  4. HI, Cindy
    I forgot to include my reference in my response earlier,


    Jackman, Hilda L. Early education curriculum: a child’s connection to the world. 4th ed. Albany: Delmar Publishers, 2009 Print.


  5. Hi Cindy,

    You basically created one of those wordles that everyone is making now. I liked how you surrounded the children with an arch of supportive words such as resilience, positive self indendity, empathy and then you showed how traumatic experiences try to attack our children’s positive self identity such as bullying, the media and teasing. Great art work!


  6. Sorry for the late feedback, I was out of the country and could not travel with my laptop. I really like the art you choose and your comment regarding it reminded me of one of my favorite studies, the ACE study. Are you familiar with it? I attached the link just in case. Before I was 5 years old, I had an ACE score of 8, so positive influences in early childhood can be huge in a child’s. If you look at the ACE questionnaire (, you can see there are many questions we may not have the answers to, so we have to assume that all the children in our care need positive, caring relationships.

    About the ACE Study:


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