Affirming Environments

When I think about an anti-bias environment I feel that it is not only what can be seen, but what can be heard as well.

If a parent walks into my room, I would first off all want them to feel welcome, as well as communicate with me any information that they feel is necessary.

parent board

Parent boards are an awesome way to share what is going on in the classroom as well as the center.

daily sheet

Daily sheets are a wonderful tool for communication to and from school.  I use these on a daily basis.

family pic

Family pictures also make families feel like they are a part of the school family.

As we know children should be able to see themselves within the environment in which they play.  They should also see people who are in the community as well as in the world.  To accomplish this I would use may tools:


anti bias        anti bias 3    anti bias 2


babies  dolls

Art supplies:

paper  markers

I would also have photographs of people who represent some of the -ism’s that are currently in our society today (ableism, sexism, etc.,..)

But I also believe that many things like good communication as well as responding to social/emotional development in appropriate ways are also part of an anti-bias classroom.

Quite areas are important

quiet area

as well as books about emotions, emotion posters, and tools to help children learn how to manage their emotions.  I use conscious discipline as well as CSEFEL’s.


These are just a few items that I would have in my environment, and I actually do in my room at work.  I work at a NAEYC accredited center and we rate a 5.  Many of the standards that have been set by NAEYC do adhere to the goals of ant-bias education.  I think that anti-bias is not just an ongoing process for a teacher, but for the environment as well.  As you group of children change, the items you have in your room may change as well.

Here are some great social/emotional development resources:

Conscious Discipline:








One thought on “Affirming Environments

  1. Hi Cynthia,
    i totally enjoyed and reading your blog post. I love how diverse you created your blog. I love how you used the different languages, color people even from the baby are different and just one color. i am beginning to see that slowly toys are being diverse


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